Tasty Tequila Mockingbird Margaritas

Tasty Tequila Mockingbird Margaritas

This past Tuesday I hosted my first Book Club party.  I’ve been dying to be a part of a book club and since there were none around with girls my age, I decided it would be fun to start my own.  There was a total of seven girls, so I wanted to really make the first get together a great one so I decided to theme everything I made.  I made a Don “Quinoa”jote salad, The “Grapes” of Wrath Crostini, James and the Giant “Peach Cobbler” and then we washed it all down with these Tequila Mockingbird Margaritas.  I’ll post recipes for the other food items also, but wanted to start with the important stuff 🙂

These were a hit among all of the girls and there was not a drip leftover, which is always a good sign.

If needing to have a party starter beverage, this is certainly the drink to serve!

Serving Size: 4 Drinks (I doubled the recipe to make 8)

1 can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate

1 cup tequila

3-4 cups of ice

1/4 cup and 1 tablespoon lime juice

1/2 bottle of champagne

1 lime for garnish

For the Rim (optional):


1 Lime

1. Put all of the ingredients (except the champagne) in a blender and mix until well blended about 1-2 minutes

2. To do a sugar rim, using a wedge of the lime, go around the top of the glass and then dip in sugar

3. Top each drink with champagne (do not stir)

4. Slice the lime into wedges and garnish the side of the drink with one each

5. Pour the margaritas and get to drinking!

ImageThe Chef in the Works


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