Crazy Good Crock Pot Baby Back Ribs


Mmmmm Finger Lickin’ Good….or so, one would think!  These AMAZING baby back ribs had to be eaten with a fork because there was no bone with meat to hold on to.  That, my friends, is how tender these “babies” were.

I’m visiting my parents for a couple of weeks in Myrtle Beach, and my mom loves to cook so I wanted to dedicate some time to cook with her so she can teach me a thing or two!  The very second I got settled, my dad started talking about wanting a crock pot and how much he wanted one, so I went out and bought him one for Father’s Day and boy was he happy!  He happened to have some ribs in the house so we thought, what better way to break open the new crock pot then by making some tasty ribs.  Two trips to the grocery store later (naturally…I always forget something), we had everything we need to start these bad boys.  These can easily feed 2-4 people, depending on how hungry you are!

3 lbs baby back ribs

3/4 of a (24 ounce) bottle of barbecue sauce (We used Sweet Baby Ray’s) – you can use the whole thing if you like it saucy!
1 onion, diced
1-1/2 – 2 garlic cloves
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder

1. Dice up the onion and garlic, add to crock pot.
2. Rub the ribs with seasoning, rub it into the ribs, and cut accordingly in order to fit into the pot – I cut in half to keep the rack in tact
3. Only sprinkle the ribs about 1/8 cup of barbecue sauce, just enough to give it that barbecue flavor
4. Cook on low for 8-10 hours
5. During the last hour of cooking add the barbecue sauce
6. I recommend removing the ribs with a spatula, otherwise they will fall apart…..No, I’m not joking

Serving Suggestions:

My mom and I served these with rice but for a full meal you can serve with a baked potato and a green vegetable – and don’t forget a good beer!  You could also eat it alone or put the meat on a sandwich to make a rendition of pulled pork – All you’ll need to do is lift the rib over the bread and watch it slide right off 🙂

Image   The Chef in the works


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