Protein Packed Healthy Quinoa, Black Bean, Avocado Wrap


Wow!  You can’t get any more nutritious than this….you’ve got your protein intake covered and it is so yummy you’ll be licking the plate wanting more….at least I did (you won’t be getting a picture of that one).  You could definitely make this your own by adding a flavored wrap, different spices, cheese (like feta), or dip in a fun tahini dip made from avocado, lime juice, cumin, etc.., but when you’re pressed for time like I am in the middle of the day, this quick and easy lunch certainly gets added into my favorite meals for lunch.  Now, I’m home alone during the day so the ingredients serve (1) person….if you need to make lunch for more people, just double it!


3-4 tablespoons black beans (or more depending on how beany you’re feeling)

1/3 cup quinoa (or more depending on how much you want)

1/2 clove garlic minced

1/2 avocado

1 teaspoon lime juice

Wrap (I used gluten free but you can use gluten friendly)

Salt and Pepper (if desired)

Hot Sauce (if desired)


1.) Cook quinoa based on package instructions (I suggest adding a cup of chicken broth to substitute one of the 2 cups of water for added flavor)

* For easy instructions, you can go to the first post on my block titled “Quinoa…”

2.) Slice ripe avocado in half and use the half that does NOT have the pit in it.

Tip: To preserve your other half of an avocado, sprinkle a little lime juice on it and wrap tightly in saran wrap or tin foil. When you go to open it the next day, just take the pit out and trim the top of the avocado off to discard…should be a nice green layer of avocado waiting for you underneath.

3.) Get your wrap onto a plate and get ready to wrap it all up

4.) Dice your half an avocado and use a fork to mash the avocado into your wrap

5.) Top with minced garlic

6.) Add the cooked quinoa

7.) Top with the black beans, lime juice, salt and pepper (top with some hot sauce for a little extra kick)

8.) Wrap, slice, and munch!

Image   The Chef in the works



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